lunedì 8 agosto 2011


We have to say goodbye to you guys!! Ooooh we'll mis you very much...=(

We want to say only one thing: THANK YOU! Thank you for your kindness,for your smiles,your laughes,your frindship...thank you for everyting!!

Thank you TUTORS (expecially SIMONE and VIVIANA)and ANIMATRICI(SERENA,CLAUDIA,EMONA,FEDERICA), beacuse you were always ready to organize the activities and you made everyday possible.

A very very big THANK YOU to the authorities,expecially of Cantù, because they spent a lot of time and money on this project and made it unique!

We hope that you will always remember this experience and you will keep in touch with all your new friends (remember...this is very important!!). We'll never forget you guys...

See you the next year in Catalonia!!

The cantù teamers. =)

ninth day

Hi guys!
The ninth day was really great and funny but also a little sad,because we are at the end of our campus!
In the morning: let's cook togheter! Each conutry prepared a tipical dish...

After a relaxing afternoon we had a great dinner with a buffet prepared by spazio tribù! then we had our last night togheter with dances and music!Our gym was like a disco...there were also cocktail...of course analcholic!!

We went to bed tired and a little bit sad...Our campus is really finished...=(

seventh and eighth day

Hi everybody!

We are going to show you the most funny days of the campus!! On thursday morning we went to Como and we took the boat(the LOVE BOAT!) for a beautiful trip on the lake!

We stopped in Tremezzo ,Bellagio,Varenna.What a beautiful landscape!!The sun was shining and some of us also sunbathed on the boat! And in Bellaggio some guys had the possibility to have a  fresh swim in the lake!

When we came back to como we were very tired...and some of us fell immediately asleep...

In the evening we went to the sport centre Toto Caimi and we had dinner and some funny activities like beach volley,soccer and karaoke! What a beautiful night!=)=)

And now let's talk about the eighth day,when we went to Milan! 
We woke up early in the morning beacuse we had to take the train at Cantù-Asnago...unfortunately 20 of us had to take the train one hour later,because of the driver of the train,who did not see that we were getting on the train.

In milan we splitted in groups and we visited the city and had shopping! We walked a lot and it was veeeery hot! But we had a great time!

In the evening we host the red cross in our school...they cooked for us the dinner and took their dogs: theese clever animals showed us some games they usually do with children and old people in the hospitals..

sabato 6 agosto 2011

sixth day

Hi everybody! The first part of the sixth day was full of sport! We went to the sport centre in Cantù and some of us won medals! Great!! 

In the afternoon we had moments full of relax and then we met all together for a meeting about feelings and sex (thanks to Pierre). 

After a discussion we splitted our guys in some groups in order to let them sum up what we had talk about. 

We had our dinner in the sport centre of Cascina Amata. Unfortunately we couldn't play beach soccer because of the bad weather! 

venerdì 5 agosto 2011

fifth day

Hi guys!Let's write something about our 5th day.. 
We are in the middle of the campus! In the morning we did a meeting about alcohol and drugs.

Then we went to Como and we did a town rally: we got around the city and searched the most important monuments of the city; then we did a beautiful walk in the city centre with a guide.

In the evening... Let's dance!! Dj Battle with Dj Assan, Dj Chris, Jordie and Dj Omar. And the winner was... Dj Chris!!!!! Everybody had fun and when we had to go to bed we were very very sad...

See you tomorrow for another adventure with the youto! ;)

martedì 2 agosto 2011

Third and fourth day

Hi everybody!!
Here at the youto we are having a great time!We have done a lot of activities!!Maybe photos will explain better....

In the morning of the third day we have done a lesson of self-difence ...

...and then we went to the swimming pool of Cantù!Water,sun,volleyball...everybody had a unforgettable afternoon!=)

And here you can the complete group in front of Villa Calvi...before a meeting with the authorities...

And here we are at the Europe Rock Festival... dancing time!! Great songs and musicians! ;)

On the fourth day we went to the Jungle Rider Park in Civenna! Sooo adventurous and our guys are very very brave!! ;) Here some photos... We hope you will like these!! =)=)=)

sabato 30 luglio 2011

second day

What a beautiful day! We have done a lot of things and we have known better each other!
This morning we have done a walk in the city centre of cantù and we have some moment of relax at the park. After lunch songs and dances! Each group introduced its country and expecially the group from Moldova showed us their pupular songs and dances.
In the afternoon we got part to the  orienteering competition...we got lost sometimes (the italian too!!) but it has been so funny! Three of the groups have been awarded with a cup( I mean a golden cup!) In the evening we watched a boxing match and then we came back to school.
The guys are getting involved and they show enthusiasm!

Tomorrow we are going to go to the swimming pool...aaaaawesome! Good night youto!;)